I'm Dave Lock

Founding Engineer of Cast Iron CAD

I work with innovators & companies to help their ideas become brilliant products. At heart I'm a creative problem solver, with over 25 years' experience and the necessary skills, tools & machinery required to create innovative physical products.

I work with clients, designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners to bring all the elements required together.

Based in Brighton, Cast Iron CAD is a product development and engineering company that can help manage the entire process, from conceptual ideas and designs, through to prototyping, manufacture, and packaging.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can find solutions for almost any challenge, big or small.

We would love to talk through a project with you, why not contact us for a Free 1 Hour Consultation?

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About Cast Iron CAD

Working with ideas

The physical product development process we use is flexible, & designed to be a framework to help physical product ideas navigate innovation & engineering.

The ideas that we are introduced to are sometimes simply a concept, and sometimes fully developed but need optimisation. We are very happy to work with any idea at any stage of its development, the process diagram helps frame all the activities that have already been considered and are ahead of us. 

Having a clear view of this journey is key to keeping everyone; client, designer, engineer & manufacturer on the same path moving forward

Consumer & industrial projects

Cast-iron CAD has worked on a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients. We are extremely adaptable and our team of design engineers can find a solution to almost any kind of challenge. Find out more about some of our previous projects