Market Sectors

We have the experience and expertise to provide true end-to-end product development services. From sketching to CAD design to engineering to manufacturing, our team is here to bring your vision to life. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years. High-quality, market-ready products are what we do, and we do it at a world-class level.

Amazon product design

Pill splitters, storage devices, bike pannier racks, wine racks, dispensers, timer, shelving brackets, level gauges, injection molded fixings.

Food industry

Wine filtration vessels.

Music industry

Cassette storage, Portable speakers.

Manufacturing Devices

Tube forming machines, level gauges.

Furniture & Home

Garden furniture, planters, door handles, kitchen seating, home medication storage, soap & perfume dispenser, Moses basket.


Surfboard fin plugs.


Virtual reality fitting room, interactive screen for ordering food, Award trophies, suit folding.


Hand-held controller overlay.


Multi & single dose injector.


PTSD therapy devices, dementia & Parkinson's devices, osteopath posture measurement, medical vial & slip QR code printer, vaporisers.


Educational toys for children, Iego train tracks.


Cement processing, Shelf brackets, Site plans, planning documents, building control, fiber optic housings and mountings, electrical housings, plumbing equipment.

Access control

Building, parking spaces, GSM device control, alarm monitoring, door access, door closing.


Illuminated large wall clocks, monitor light bars, Fresnel lens optimisation.


Motorbike body work, camper-van pop-tops.


University lectures (Level 7), educational device storage.


MURF recycling facility design, Eco-packaging (space reduction), airborne wind turbines, explosion protection.


Pressure vessels, pumps, enclosures, vaporisers, pipe circuits, manufacturing & distribution site surveys, tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Combined 70 years of experience

Design, engineering & manufacturing are vast subjects, and we now know enough to understand that we'll never be experts in all the disciplines, but we do know what is possible and where to look for the expertise! Take a look at the services we offer and explore the details of the expertise we possess